Buy Caterpillar D8T Online

Caterpillar D8T

Buy Caterpillar D8T Online

Firstly, Buy Caterpillar D8T Online

Year 2005
Hours 31.251

This Caterpillar bulldozer is in good working condition and has central greasing installed.

GUARDS, BOTTOM, STANDARD CYLINDERS, LIFT, BASIC ANTIFREEZE WINDSHIELD WASHER LANE 2 ORDER ROLL ON-ROLL OFF TRACK, 660MM / 26″ ES, PPR BASIC SINGLE TILT CONTROL LIGHTS, PREMIUM, REAR SCREEN OIL CHANGE SYSTEM HIGH SPEED PRECLEANER WITH SCREEN PREMIUM CORP RADIO (12V) UC, HD, SUSPENDED Manual: ENGLISH Guard: FUEL TANK Lines: SINGLE TILT Heater: ENGINE COOLANT 120V Instruction: DOMESTIC Alternator: 150AMP STD Basic Arrangement Engine Coolant: STD (-37C) Visibility Ar: CAMERA Carrier Rollers: SUSPENDED Protection: CYLINDER ROD Fuel System: STANDARD Operators Ar: STANDARD Fluids: STANDARD 8su/u Bulldozer: BASIC Grab Handles: PUSH ARM Brakes: BASIC Final Drives: STANDARD Gauge: STANDARD Fuel Antifreeze: -25C (-13F) Push Arms Equipment-certification-code: NCR BatteryType: HeavyDuty BladeTilt: 8SU SeatType: Air Ride CounterweightType: Static

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